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Physics 1


UtSTA now offers online endorsement courses to better meet the needs of Utah educators who are pursuing science endorsements. These online Content and Classroom Teaching Courses are developed by Utah teachers and community experts to support teaching the Utah Core Standards; building deep content knowledge in science to support instruction; and effective teaching strategies that are best practice to help support student success in college and career. The classes use rubrics that align with the vision for science education articulated in our core standards, as well as the Literacy for Science standards articulated in the English Language Arts core documents.

  • All UtSTA  online science endorsement courses will count towards Utah State Board of Education Endorsement Requirements. Each UtSTA  online course description lists the endorsement course requirements that it fulfills. After successful completion of the course participants will receive 3.0 Southern Utah University Credits post to an SUU Transcript.
  • Most online science endorsement courses require participants to practice science lessons in either a classroom setting or with a group of at least five individuals each week (can be family and friends). Depending on the course, you may need to be able to have weekly access to one of these two settings to complete assignments.
  • This 12 week course is only done over the set 12 week period.  Participants are not able to "move at your own pace" but work within the module assigned for that week.   Modules cannot be unlocked ahead of the scheduled time.
  • Cost for courses is $500. Talk with your district about the USBE Endorsement Course Reimbursement program to see if you qualify to be reimbursed. 
  • To REGISTER, click on the course below.

Questions:  Contact Maggie Huddleston mhuddleston@utsta.org

 Winter 2020  Summer 2020  Fall   2020  Winter 2021
Anatomy Anatomy  Anatomy  Astronomy
Chemistry 2 Biochemistry  Chemistry 2  Biochemistry
Earth Systems Biology  Earth Systems  Biology



Chemistry 1



 Chemistry 1


Ecology  Geology  Ecology
Genetics Genetics  Genetics  Meteorology
Modern Physics Meteorology
 Modern Physics  Physics 2
Physics 1 Physics 2
 Physics 1  
Zoology Zoology  Zoology  

 Physics 1    
Lab Safety  Lab Safety Lab Safety  Lab Safety 
   Evolutionary Bio

Summer Week long Courses

UtSTA offers week-long endorsement courses over the summer months in partnership with BYU, UVU, and SUU.  All courses are taught by highly qualified instructors that have experience in K-12 classrooms like yours. The classes are designed to be hands-on and inquiry based so the teachers can learn the lessons/techniques and take them back to the classroom.  Each class lasts for only one week, usually Monday to Friday. DUE TO COVID-19 WE HAVE HAD TO CANCEL SOME OF OUR COURSES

To REGISTER, scroll below.  

Questions: Contact Duane Merrell     duane_merrell@byu.edu

          SUMMER                                       2020
 Astronomy STEM Nature of Science
 Advanced Physics w/ labsSTEM Matter
 Chemistry 2Stem Forces
 Evolutionary Bio
 STEM Engineering(by invite only)
 Historical Geology STEM Energy (by invite only)
 Physics 1 
 Secondary Teaching Methods 

What courses offered by UtSTA will count for my endorsement?

Advanced Physics w/lab: Physical Science, Physics (Will count as an advanced class OR the lab class, not both)

Anatomy: Biological Sciences

Astronomy: Earth Science, Middle Level Science (Pathway 2), Physical Science

Biochemistry: Chemistry

Biology: Biological Sciences, Environmental Science, Middle Level Science (Pathway 2)

Chemistry 1: (Also known as General Chem or Inorganic Chem)  Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Earth Science,  Environmental Science, Middle Level Science (Pathway 2), Physical Science

Chemistry 2: Chemistry, Physical Science

Earth Systems: Middle Level Science (Pathway 2)

Ecology: Biological Sciences, Earth Science, Middle Level Science (Pathway 2), Environmental Science,

Evolutionary Biology: Biological Sciences, Environmental Science

Geology: Earth Science, Environmental Science, Middle Level Science (Pathway 2)

Genetics: Biological Sciences

Historical Geology: Earth Science, Environmental Science, Middle Level Science (Pathway 2)

Meteorology: Earth Science, Environmental Science, Middle Level Science (Pathway 2), Physical Science,

Microbiology: Biological Sciences

Modern Physics: Physical Science, Physics (Will count as an advanced class OR the lab class, not both) 

Physical Geology: Earth Science, Environmental Science, Middle Level Science (Pathway 2)

Physics 1: Earth Science, Middle Level Science (Pathway 2), Physical Science, Physics 

Physics 2: Physical Science, Physics, Middle Level Science (Pathway 2)

Safety Certification: All Secondary Science Endorsements

Secondary Teaching Methods: All Secondary Science Endorsements

Zoology: Biological Sciences, Environmental Science

email: dmonson@utsta.org


N-143 Eyring Science Center

Provo, UT 84602

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