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Energy in the Classroom PD

Join us for a day of Energy and Natural Resources 3D lessons. The elementary will have a 4-6th grade focus. The secondary will have lessons for 7th - chemistry and physics. Each teacher will receive $200 of equipment, 7 relicensure points, $120 toward sub costs and lunch. If you do not need a substitute the $120 goes to you as a stipend. These PD's are offered in 4 locations. Pick the location and date best for you. 

  • Farmington Jan 17 This course is full

    • Elementary- I loved the detailed and well-done lessons! Thank you so much for the supplies!

  • American Fork Jan 30 & 31

    • Elementary January 30  This is a great hands-on approach to authentic connections to curriculum for students. The resources are AMAZING, and the presenters did a great job facilitating learning!

    • Secondary January 31 This was such a fun engaging class. I learned so many things that were new to me! This was one of the best pds I've been to and I have done a lot!! It was just fun to hang out and do lab after lab after lab!! I loved it definitely come if you can it's so worth it! - - Gayle Dowdle

  • St George March 5 & 6

  • Blanding March 19 & 20


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