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2022 SPRING: Chemistry 1 for Teachers - Online Endorsement Course

  • 27 Jan 2022
  • 20 Apr 2022
  • Online - USBE Canvas


  • The $500 is refundable with the successful completion of the course with a C or better through your district or charter school.
  • Join the Utah Science Teachers Association and save $150 on this course and other USTA/UEN Courses for a year. Only $500 will be refunded.

USBE has instituted a reimbursement program for teachers getting their endorsements.  You qualify to get reimbursed the full $500, IF YOUR DISTRICT is willing to work with USBE.  Contact your district for details and for verification that you will be reimbursed.  UtSTA, will NOT be reimbursing you.  If your district does not participant in this new program, the $500 is not refundable. 

Welcome to the Principles of Inorganic Chemistry 1 Teaching course. Chemistry is the study of matter and its changes. This means that chemistry is the study of everything. This course will focus on atomic structure, compounds and their properties, reactions, and stoichiometric changes, states of matter, and end with energy changes. This is the first of a two course series in chemistry. The second course will cover topics including reaction rate and equilibrium, solution chemistry, and acidic and basic solutions.

This is a content and pedagogy course. This course incorporates the Utah SEEd Standards which include NGSS science practices crosscutting concepts and disciplinary core ideas.  Lesson plan creation is part of the course.  Emphasis is on best practices used to teach this content in your classroom. 

This Online Endorsement Course meets the Utah State Science Endorsement Course Requirements for:

  • Chemistry: General/Inorganic Chemistry
  • Biological Science: General Chemistry
  • Middle Level: General Chemistry
  • Physical Science: General/Inorganic Chemistry
  • Earth Science: General/Inorganic Chemistry
  • Environmental Science: General Chemistry

Upon successful completion, the participants will receive 3.0 Southern Utah University Credits (included in the cost of the course).

NOTEIf you are not a current member of UtSTA you can renew your membership or join the Utah Science Teachers Association today ($10-15/year) and save money on your registration costs.  To join today, CLICK HERE.

By registering and paying, you agree that if you are not able to attend you will cancel at least 2 weeks before the class starts or your registration fees will be forfeited.

This course will run if there are enough participants registered.  If enrollment numbers do not reach the threshold, the course will unfortunately be cancelled.  Registrants can take a different course or will be refunded the registration fee. 

email: dmonson@utsta.org

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