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UtSTA Endorsement and Professional Development Course Offerings

All licensed Utah Secondary Science teachers are required to have an approved Science Endorsement to teach science in the State of Utah.  These endorsement requirements include a specific college degree or college coursework, safety certification, and a Praxis test. 

UtSTA desires to help our members meet all state requirements to obtain new science endorsements, fulfill State Approved Endorsement Plans (SAEPs), and broaden their science content knowledge and teaching skills. UtSTA offers two kinds of Endorsement courses to meet teacher needs:
  • UtSTA Weeklong Face to Face Summer Courses - These courses occur between June and August while teachers are on break. They are only one week long, and they give teachers a face-to-face and hands-on learning opportunity.
  • UtSTA/ UEN Online Courses - These courses occur throughout the year in an online setting so teachers can make time in the week when it works for them. Each course is setup on a 12 week schedule and require between 4-6 hours a week. Every week includes four modules: Content learning, Discussion, Classroom Application, and weekly wrap-up assignment. 
  • UtSTA Elementary STEM  Courses -These courses occur between June and August. They are only one week long and count toward the Elementary STEM Endorsement.

REMEMBER, most principals are happy to cover the cost of endorsement courses  if it a necessary part of an SAEP or supports instruction. Usually, teachers that approach their administrators early in the school year and can show them how it will help their school's science department and students have better success with support. Don't be scared to ask, the worse that can happen is you are told "We'll help cover half" or maybe "not this year". 

All course are dependent on enrollment. 10 participants is generally the minimum number to run a course, so encourage your friends and colleagues.

QUESTIONS regarding online courses:  mhuddleston@utsta.org

USBE Endorsement Requirements

Click on each Endorsement to see what courses are required for the endorsement:

 Biological Science              Middle Level Science               
 Chemistry Earth Science
 Physical Science Environmental Science
 Physics Elementary STEM

Additional information can be found on the Utah State Board of Education website. 

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