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Jordan School District - Living document of Closure Preparation Document 

Alpine - Secondary folder, Elementary Folder

North - Living document

Need a Phenomenon?  A phenomenon is simply an observable event.  In the science classroom a carefully chosen phenomenon can drive student inquiry.  Phenomena add relevance to the science classroom showing students science in their own world.  A good phenomenon is observable, interesting, complex, and aligned to the appropriate standard.Try these links. If you find a favorite one send it to your Region Rep and they will share it.

1. The Wonder List of Science - Master List of Phenomenon

2. Phenomena for NGSS - Creating Student Engagement

3. #Project Phenomena - Search Phenomena Data Base

4. Phenomena Ideas - Model Based Inquiry

Need SEEd Lessons? Try these amazing sites. If you have a favorite lesson please share it with your Region Rep and they will spread the joy.

1. San Juan School District Science - Jamie Carling

2. SEEd Story Line - Utah Science Curriculum Consortium 

3. SEEd Lessons through the lens of Air Quality - Breathe Utah

4. SEEd Lessons through the lens of Natural Resources and Energy - Governor's Office of Energy Development

Need 3D lessons that are searchable by NGSS Disiplinary Core Ideas? Use the code at the end of each SEEd Standard to search for the DCI that you are looking for.

1. Phenomenal GRC Lessons - Brett Moulding a collection of vetted three-dimensional lessons aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards

2. Better Lessons - Created by teachers for teachers

Local Environmental Education providers may not be open, but there are many opportunities to connect to the natural world. Here

All things Canvas Click here for a PDF with every question and answer you have about Canvas

Free resources. Multiple companies are opening a free window of usage and many are always free. Here

UEN Resources In order to support our education partners, UEN launched a website called Learn at Home. The site consolidates timely resources for PreK-Grade 12 teachers, students, and parents/caregivers.

Need to change the reading level? Getting free access takes just one-step. Simply visit our COVID-19 resource center, click “Get instant access”, and you’ll immediately see Newsela Science, in your Newsela account. If you don’t have a Newsela account, you’ll be able to set one up in minutes. Free till end of school year



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