Requirements for the Biological Science Endorsement

Biology Requirement  UtSTA Week Long
 Summer Course   
that meets requirement 
 UtSTA Online Course
that meets the requirement
General Biology (or both Zoology and Botany)    Biology
Zoology (Vertebrates, Invertebrates, Mammals, etc.)    Zoology
Cell Biology, Microbiology or Molecular Biology  Microbiology  
Human Anatomy and/or Human Physiology    Anatomy
Heredity and/or Genetics    Genetics
Ecology (General Ecology, Stream Ecology, Forest Ecology, etc.)  Ecology  Ecology
General Chemistry  Chemistry 1  Chemistry 1
Evolutionary Biology  Evolutionary Biology  Evolutionary Biology
Teaching Methods in Science  Teaching Methods in Science  
Praxis Exam: Biology: Content Knowledge (0235/5235) - UPS 149  n/a  n/a
Safety Certification     Safety Course

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