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2019 SUMMER-UtSTA/UEN/SUU MODERN PHYSICS Online Endorsement Course

  • 09 May 2019
  • 31 Jul 2019
  • Online - UEN Canvas


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This content teaching course will introduce you to the basics of modern physics: relativity, atomic theory, Quantum Mechanics, quantization of charge and energy, nuclear physics, and subatomic particles. Physics is the study of everything around you, forming the basis of all science. As you begin to understand and analyze basic principles of physics, you will gain a greater understanding of the world around you and other areas of science.

The course emphasizes content and teaching practices that can be used in the classroom.

This Online Endorsement Course meets the Utah State Science Endorsement Course Requirements for:

  • Physical Science: Advanced or Applied Physics
  • Physics: Advanced or Applied Physics

This course requires participants to practice the science lessons in either a classroom setting or with a group of at least five individuals (can be family, friends, neighbors, etc.). You will need to have weekly access to one of these two settings to complete assignments.

Upon successful completion, the participants will receive 3.0 Southern Utah University Credits for EDUC 5591 Science: Modern Physics (included in the cost of the course).

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