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Historically, UtSTA has provided one day in the Fall, that was called UtSTA Day, where many different learning opportunities are available to teachers and their families and students all over the state of Utah.  This has grown over the years to be what we call UtSTA Family Days where these many activities are scheduled over many different weekends throughout the year to allow teachers and their families to attend multiple great activities. 

Fall 2017:


Join UtSTA for an exciting afternoon on Saturday, Nov. 11th at the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City!  We'll be gathering in the lobby at 4:00 p.m., and will spend the first few hours browsing the various interactive exhibits, models, and simulations that the museum has to offer.  (Admission to the exhibits and store is completely FREE! :-)  Then at 6:45 p.m., we'll wrap up by catching a live star show in the Hansen Dome Theatre.  Show pricing is $2.00 per person (children 2 and under are free), and the show lasts for about an hour.  Interested parties will need to pay at the front desk prior to the show.  For more information, contact Richard LeSueur, our Region II Rep.; or visit Clark Planetarium's website at https://slco.org/clark-planetarium/. Come see how science extends from the familiar confines of Mother Earth out into the deep and mysterious reaches of space!  Hope to see ya there!"


Saturday, September 23rd   10am–1pm

Attendance is FREE

Google Directions are available at: http://tinyurl.com/spiraljetty

The Utah Science Teachers Association has partnered with Great Salt Lake Institute for 6th Annual UtSTA Day at Great Salt Lake. This year’s event is a wonderful opportunity to come experience the North Arm of Great Salt Lake and the Spiral Jetty (a wonderful art installation along Great Salt Lake’s coast). There will be activities for teachers and their families including making Winogradsky Columns, information on local wildlife, an investigation of “Phenomena of Great Salt Lake geology”, collecting gypsum crystals, Brine Shrimp population model lesson, the DrumBus, and MORE!!!

Come with water, snacks, and chairs (if you want to relax). Also plan ahead for travel times and bathroom stops (more information about the jetty can be found at https://www.diaart.org/visit/visit/robert-smithson-spiral-jetty).    

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Questions about the event? Contact:

Jaimi Butler at jbutler@westminstercollege.edu 

Ricky Scott at richard.scott@schools.utah.govH

PAST UtSTA Family Days:

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